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Method to make Dee's Sri Lankan Red Curry:
Add veg oil to cover bottom of pan, on low heat, when this is hot,  
add curry and chilli powder and the chopped onion.
Fry this all together the add chicken ( or any other meat you are using/ veg). 
Stir all this well until everything is coated with the, now, curry paste.
Add lid to pan and keep on low heat for about 5-10 mins
Then you can either add water to cook the meat/veg adding tomato puree to 
thicken sauce or I prefer to use liquidized tinned tomatoes, or even tinned tomatoes, whichever is your preference.
Suggestions for fish Curry, using either, Halibut, shark, haddock, tuna ( even tinned, ie chunks)
If using fresh fish, sear fish first (if using tinned tuna the add after 
making powder into paste,as above, stirring carefully , to keep pieces in shape)
make same the same way as above and the add fish to sauce and place on low heat until cooked.
From my experience fish curry is always better the next day.

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